Images are resized proportionally

Images don't need to be wrapped with divs or styled with classes. Just add them to your content, that's it. They will be resized - but not enlarged - to fit into the content area.

They always maintain their aspect ratio. You can give an image the scale-with-gridclass, to obtain the same effect.

Absatz mit der Klasse bildlegende

Bildbeschriftung mit caption js

Video streams are resized proportionally

Wrap your vimeo or youtube video with a div that has a class called " video-container". It's magic!

Paso Doble offers the following Image Scaling Classes

  1. scale-with-gid = max. 100% of the container-width - but not enlarged
  2. max-image = 100% of the container-width - could be enlarged
  3. two-thirds-image = 66% of the article-width
  4. half-image = 50% of the article-width
  5. third-image = 33% of the article-width